Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planet Hollywood

What a great, warm weekend we had last week while we were in Vegas for an Orthodontic Convention.  We stayed at "Planet Hollywood" where every room has a different hollywood theme.  Ours happened to be "Beetle Juice"---great movie, but the kids were a little freaked out at all the gorry masks and costumes that were displayed (with lights) throughout the hotel room!  We were able to spend time at the pool since the weather was 90 degrees, went and did some touristy stops on the Vegas strip with the kids!  I had taken lots of other pictures, and just realized that I don't have my other camera that I used to keep with me in my purse, and lost it while we were there :(!

opening presents at Grandma's

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Party Kensley!!!

Kensley wanted to have a Minnie Mouse Birthday party this year---she's been talking about it for weeks!  She loved having the whole family over, and we all enjoyed this unseasonably warm fall day!  Still cannot believe that my "baby" is growing up!!  It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital!!  Love you more than words can express...and you will always be "My Best Buddy" and cannot wait for many more "Big Hug Time"'s from you!!! xoxoxo

Great Grandpa/Margaret came for the celebration!

Minnie Presents

Our "baby"

Enjoying lunch

Parker with mouse ears

Kensley getting bombarded by brothers/cousins 

crazy for balloons!

Pumpkin Patch

I can't believe how many months (!!!) it's been since I've blogged!!  It gives an indication at how busy we've been!  Summer came and went---way too quick!  But we've been enjoying this nice, warm Fall so far...not counting last week's snow storm!!

Here are some pictures I took a few days ago at the cutest pumpkin patch that my sister found in West Jordan!  There are a ton of pumpkins to chose from---and very reasonably priced.  As well as great photo-op locations.  As you can see, Kensley is the only one who actually enjoys posing for pictures!  Thank God for my little girl!

 First time EVER that I had Kensley wear her hair without me fixing it!!  She looks so old!!

I love this picture, since its an 'action shot' of Parker falling down from the hay stack! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lake Powell over Memorial Day

 Our new boat (orange of course!) finally got delivered literally the day we were planning on leaving to Lake Powell for a week with our friends on their house boat.  I hadn't been to Lake Powell since Scott and I were dating (probably 15 years ago!).  This was my first time on a house boat and had a hard time picturing how 12 adults and 12 kids could all be on one boat!  I didn't realize how big they are!  This one had 2 kitchens, bathrooms/toliets/showers (!), and 2 TV's.  Not to mention many bedrooms to fit everyone!  What a fun time we all had!!  We left Kensley home with Shokey since I was nervous having such an independent, unafraid 2 year old on the water for so long.  The boys had a blast looking for lizards and (gasp!) snakes!  And loved the boat rides, knee boarding, tubing, jet ski's, smores, exploring, hikes (with quick sank!!), fishing, etc., etc.  Basically just enjoying some summer like weather with very limited rules and structure!!  Though there were some scary moments with 50 mph winds and plumbing issues, we had a great time and can't wait to go back and explore some more of the beautiful canyons at Lake Powell!!!
Group Hike

Scott and our boat next to the Monster size houseboat!

Say Cheeese!!!

Parker trying kneeboarding first

Maddox's turn

I'm attempting wakeboarding

Scott doing some surfing

Night time tube rides!

Smore time

Lizard mania!!!